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Building & Visualizing your first ConvNet

7 minute read


In the last few years alone a special kind of Neural Network known as the Convolutional Neural Network (ConvNet) has gained a lot of popularity, and for all the right reasons. ConvNets have a unique property of retaining translational invariance. In elaborative terms, they exploit spatially-local correlation by enforcing a local connectivity pattern between neurons of adjacent layers.

Deep Learning on Floydhub

8 minute read


This post is aimed at helping new users (especially the ones who are starting out & cannot afford Andrej Karpathy’s gig) setup an on-the-go deep learning solution for their small to medium sized projects. I’ll be covering the following -

  1. Getting started with your first DL project on Floyd.
  2. Handling & usage of datasets.
  3. Installation of external dependencies (if any) while running job instances on Floyd.